Friday, November 7, 2008

The ONE.... N-gage and Nokia's BEST GAME!

I've got 'The ONE' on my N95 8Gb this evening and I'm am so so so excited ! This is the BEST GAME for a mobile phone atleast! (of course Gameloft's- "Brother's In Arms" is also My favorite)
If you don't know what this game is all about let me explain to you, in this uber-short review sort-of post!

The ONE is a game based on one-on-one fighting. There is this story mode in which you have to fight various 'fighters' of this world. It has an awesome story line at the start(I have just started playing but I know it's gonna get really exciting!)

The other play modes are: Versus, Survival and training
The good thing is the Multiplayer mode in which you can play via bluetooth with an other player. that is just two players can play via bluetooth on multiplayer.

Your character can be customized with outfits,hair colour,sex (yea male and female characters) shoes and other accessories.
N-gage arena mode for submitting scores to the Arena.

Overall I feel this game has fantastic graphics ! seriously for a mobile game its one of a kind!

And surely N-gage and Nokia have taken mobile gaming to a whole new level!!

So are you the ONE ?...!

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