Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sign "Unsigned Symbian Applications"

Mark guim from The Nokia Blog has posted on a very useful topic of Signing "Unsigned Symbian Applications" for you to Install on your phone. As we all know that we cannot install an application on a symbian powered device untill it is signed and there are so many useful applications out there developed by certain individuals but sadly are not "signed". Signing an application was not so easy untill today! Thanks to The Nokia Blog you can sign all your applications once you've acquired your "certificate" and "key" against the IMEI number of your phone.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Nseries hardware issues...

Today I got a new keypad (the upper part) for my Nokia N95 8GB as it was losing its chrome... I Don't know why Nokia makes these devices such a way that their chrome finish peels off after some time of use? We all know of the "Computer made beautifully" the N76... I still remember those days when I used the N76 which I had got out of utter excitement as it was the most good-looking smartphone at that time and I guess till today. It seriously had good looks but was of no use as the looks didnt last even 3 weeks. It was really sad to see the chrome peel off and you can do Nothing.
I guess the same material was used on the N95 and the N95 8GB which peel off after after like 6 months of usage. Well if Nokia wants their users to be more happy with the phones they buy then I think they should make this chrome thingy last more longer or get a new idea. No one likes a phone thats looks like a Clone/Duplicate one after 3-4 months of usage.
I had to shell out almost 500 Indian rupees to get the keypad replacement which is sad.Hope the future Nseries phones have better and tougher hardware.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

VoIP on Nseries via Gizmo 5

Well yesterday thanks to my friend Arjun again I've started using VoIP on my Nokia N95 8GB via Gizmo 5. Yes Gizmo 5 is the site where you can register for a free Gizmo account and then download the installer file for your Nokia Nseries device from here. Once the installation is done, add your login details when prompted for and you can enjoy free calling to other Gizmo users from your Nokia device via wi-fi.

Sounds cool right ? Yes is sure is! I've tried it out and I love it! Well you can make:

  • Free calls to other Gizmo users
  • Free calls to gtalk users
  • Calls to Skype users
  • Calls to any landline or mobile number for a very small amount.

To call you need to key in the username of the person you would like to call for that, Simply press "1" and then "HOLD #" from the home screen till a blank space for you to key-in characters appears

  1. now to call gimo users you just have to key in the username of the person
  2. to call gtalk you have to key in username is replaced with the username (id) of the person.
  3. to call skype users you have to key in "skype_username" username is replaced with the username (id) of the person eg: skype_stephen
  4. and to call anu other numbers you just dial the number and select "Internet Call" from options or from the contacts menu.

Here are some screenshots taken from my N95 8GB.

so are you gonna try out VoIP ?

Friday, April 10, 2009

N95 8GB, Nokia's Best ?

Today I was chatting with my friend Arjun, he was telling me about the phones he has used till now, Whoa! he has a BIG phone history! some of them were Nokia's N95, N95 8GB, N85, Nokia 5800 XpressMusic E71 etc.

Surprisingly he told me that his best was the Nokia N95 8GB. Even after having used phones like the N85, E71 and 5800 XM he still finds the N95 8GB a good package all together.

With a Good camera, Good sound, Wi-fi , GPS and VoIP, he feels the Nokia N95 8GB is the best. Well if you don't remember then let me remind you that when the Nokia N95 was released there was this advertisement that said "There is something in your pocket, but it's not one thing.... It's MANY" Well the N95 itself had a lot to offer proving the advertisement correct and then came the Big Brother Nokia N95 8GB version! with the better screen More memory (seriously MORE memroy) Black color, it cetainly stood out of the other phones available at that time. I'm pretty sure many people out there use this phone and I'm one of them. And yes now even I think that the N95 8GB is a complete package. So is the N95 8GB Nokia's best ? what do you think ?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Touch (Vista) by tehk

Found this cool new theme with the New icons "touch icons" from the S60 5th editon devices of Nokia.

It's a really good theme and I really liked it. Thanks to tehk !

Download this theme from here also you can check more of tehk's creations at tehkseven Themes

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

WWIGO + Nokia device = Mobile Webcam

WWIGO is a application as it allows you to use your Mobile camera as a webcam with your bluetooth enabled computer! (laptop). It's true that today most laptops have built-in cams but it still proves to be a really useful application.
WWIGO is free to download and it allows you to choose between the Device's main and secondary camera to use as a webcam. You can quickly connect to any laptop / desktop that is bluetooth-enabled.