Thursday, November 27, 2008

Nokia viNe Released

Nokia has finally released the Nokia viNe service. Nokia viNe is released in version 1.02. It is basically the "Nokia Sports Tracker' application that has been given a new look. It tracks your position and journeys with the phone's GPS and adds the media(photos, videos, music) taken on the routes. This is then uploaded to the Nokia LifeviNe site for you to share.

Well you can download the application from here. Currently its compatible with E71, N78, N79, N82, N85, N95 8GB and N96.
You can register for an account from your phone itself from the application. So download your application now and tell me how you feel!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Evolution: Nseries Devices

Long time since my last post, well the thing is that I have absolutely no time left for blogging these days. I had thought about this post about 3 weeks back and I have finaly got a chance... :)

I feel Nseries devices have evolved keeping an 'All-in-one' device in mind. So lets rememberand read a bit of those old devices that have made our lives so much better ;) 

N70 and N90:

Well these were the first Nokia 'Nseries' phones. They mainly were high quality imaging devices and both had a 2 MP camera which was Excellent for a phone at that time. Seriously I still remember my N70. I felt that it could take really good images for a phone. The N70 having a candy-bar form factor whereas the N90 which had 'Carl-Zeiss' optics had a twist form factor.
Now N90 was quite a big phone to be a clam shell cum twist device. BUT it took really good quality videos and photos at that time.They also were equipped with lower resolution front cameras for video conferencing.they also were 3G compatible. These phones were powered by S60 2nd Edition. 

N91 and N91 8GB:

These devices really Music on Nokia to a higher level. At that time Sony Ericsson was considered to be the best music phones, but then the N91 and its 8GB version (which was released a bit later) changed a lot...
The N91 was loaded with 4Gb of internal memory and could store upto 4000 songs! it was one of the first devices to sport a 3.5 mm jack for headphones, thus any headphone of your choice could be used! with dedicated music keys it was one of the best music phones available at  that time.

N72, N71 :
Nseries devices which couldn't be that successful as others for some reasons. Both having 2 MP cameras.The N72 resembles an N70 in looks and other stuff the only difference being the front camera. I can say the N72 sold quite well in India though.


One of the first devices to have DVB-h technology i.e. mobile TV! I still don't know how successful this device was But I NEVER seen a single N92 in India atleast.

N73, N93: 

Imaging took another leap with N73 and N93. Both devices having 3.2 MP cameras. Both photos and videos were quite Good. The N73 and N93 were really successful and the N73 which now comes in the Music Edition is also very successful.


Nokia N80 was one of the internet oriented devices. Having WLan connectivity etc., It was one device that was a a sleek slider with a 3.2MP camera. I really liked this one.

Nseries Music Range:

The N70, N73 and the N91 were availabe in two editions: one of them was the Music Edition. In which they got an all black look new themes (music ones) and then they came with higher storage memory cards. the N91 8GB as it states came with a 8GB on board hard drive for storage of upto 8000 songs.


Another device with DVB-H technology but only a lot more sleeker than the N92. with its candy-bar form factor it was a good device for all those TV fans.

'There's a thing in my pocket, But its not one thing..... Its Many.' Remember this ? of course you do! 
The Nokia N95 one of the best devices by Nokia, the Ultimate device in a true sense. I don't need to talk about this device! because everyone knows this Device In-depth!

N76, N93i :


The N76 one of the best devices I have ever seen in my life. A computer made so beautifully. It is a masterpiece! but was very disheartening to see it lose its chrome....  Seriously it was something that broke my heart!....  I thought my N76 was flawless but within 2 weeks the truth was in front of me. And I know it wasn't just me but more than a million people out there who were shocked at this. Well I request Nokia to make sure your products are reliable.

The N93i had also made its debut with the N76 and the N800 internet tablet. It was the improved version of the N93.

N95 8GB, N81, N81 8GB: These Devices marked the arrival of Ngage 2.0 The much awaited gaming platform that provided High quality gaming. N81 has dedicated gaming keys. My current device is the N95 8GB.

N82: One phone that could match the N95 was the N82. In its candy-bar form factor I feel today most people prefer the N82 over the N95 8GB. With a 5 MP camera its one phone that stood out like the N95.

N96: The Daddy of all Phones ! LOL ! 16GB internal memory and a Memory card slot! How much memory do you want ?! 5 MP camera. Well this is ruling the mobile world at the moment!!

N85 & N79: the upcoming two phones that are soon gonna be a BIG hit !

Friday, November 7, 2008

The ONE.... N-gage and Nokia's BEST GAME!

I've got 'The ONE' on my N95 8Gb this evening and I'm am so so so excited ! This is the BEST GAME for a mobile phone atleast! (of course Gameloft's- "Brother's In Arms" is also My favorite)
If you don't know what this game is all about let me explain to you, in this uber-short review sort-of post!

The ONE is a game based on one-on-one fighting. There is this story mode in which you have to fight various 'fighters' of this world. It has an awesome story line at the start(I have just started playing but I know it's gonna get really exciting!)

The other play modes are: Versus, Survival and training
The good thing is the Multiplayer mode in which you can play via bluetooth with an other player. that is just two players can play via bluetooth on multiplayer.

Your character can be customized with outfits,hair colour,sex (yea male and female characters) shoes and other accessories.
N-gage arena mode for submitting scores to the Arena.

Overall I feel this game has fantastic graphics ! seriously for a mobile game its one of a kind!

And surely N-gage and Nokia have taken mobile gaming to a whole new level!!

So are you the ONE ?...!