Wednesday, September 3, 2008

N81 sound quality damn good !

I got a chance to play with my friend's N81 in college. i checked out the device and its display remined me of my N76's smaller display compared to my N95 8GB. the N-Gage experience was good, a decent camera and picture quality.

BUT what surprised me was the sound quality and volume on the Nokia AD-54 headset (the ones got with my N95 8GB). It was BETTER than the N95. Well the speaker quality and volume on the N95 was way better compared to the headsets quality. it was really surprising because I used the same headsets on both the devices. Anyways it doesnt matter much because the N95 8Gb is far more better than the N81 !


iphone said...

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Gohar Shafiq said...

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Gohar Shafiq said...

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