Sunday, November 29, 2009

Nokia PC Suite Update


Nokia PC Suite has an update. Version i.e. Nokia PC Suite 7.1 now has Windows 7 support and some Stability Fixes.
To update the software on your computer, Goto Nokia PC suite >  Web >  Check for updates. After checking for the updates you will be asked to Download and Install the new version.Or if you do not have Nokia PC Suite installed on your computer download it from here
Do you Still Use Nokia PC Suite? or have you Moved to OVI Suite?

Monday, November 23, 2009

Need your Help and support people!!

Hello all! well I am going to keep this short. People I ask you for your support! I have taken part in a contest where my friends have to vote for me! So if you are on twitter and would like to vote for me pls follow the instructions below:

1. Just copy paste “ @tatadocomo @steph1985 #isageek “ and tweet it without the commas!

yea thats it! simple right? I guess you can do that much for me :) Well hoping to see your love and support in the votes!!

Thanks evryone!

- Stephen

Monday, November 9, 2009

Share your Telerik Story and Win!

tempe has a competition going on where one lucky winner can win a Telerik Premium Collection DVD whos retail value is $1299!! also If you aren’t so lucky other five winners get themselves  Telerik .Net Ninja Tshirt!

This competition will end on 31st December 2009. So hit this link and get more details about this competiton and how you can participate.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Get 100 Tracks FREE from Nokia Music Store India

musictemp[7] The Nokia Music Store India is giving away a 100 Free Music tracks as a Diwali bonus :D So all you registered users click here to download your 100 tracks for no price at all!

You can choose from Bollywood, Devotional, South and other categories in the store to download the tracks.

So click here and download your songs for free!

Happy Diwali everyone!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Nokia X series launched

Nokia has unveiled two devices of the new X series line up at Nokia World 2009 at Stuttgart Germany.

The Nokia X6 and X3 are the two phones of the X series.

Nokia X6:
The Nokia X6 is a device that runs the S60 5th edition software. It has a 5 megapixel camera, Powerful battery that provides upto 35 hours of music playback time, 3.2” screen (touch screen), 32 GB internal memory, GPS, FM radio, WLAN etc.
This touch screen operated device is really cool and looks really really good and design is sleek. Price about EUR459 which is about INR 32,000

CHECK full Specifications here

Nokia X3:

The Nokia X3 is a device that runs the S40 6th edition software. This device has a slide form factor and has a 3.2 megapixel camera, microSD slot that supports upto 16GB (2GB in sales package), this device can play FM radio WITHOUT any headset attached, (cool right?).

This device is priced at around 115EUR that's around 8,000 INR.

CHECK full Specifications here So what are your views and comments about the new X series? will one of the above phones be your next phone? Well the Nokia X6 is on my wishlist :D hopefully should be my next phone!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Nokia enters Netbook market

Nokia has unveiled its first Netbook – Nokia Booklet 3G. The Nokia Booklet 3G runs Windows 7. This mini laptop from Nokia has 3G, A- GPS, Bluetooth, Slots for SIM card, HDMI, Really good battery life of about 12 hours, HD quality, Mac book like looks and all this packed into a 10 inch netbook which is just 2 cm thick.

Check out the video:

So what are your comments on this step by Nokia, and the Booklet 3G ? do let me know!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Media Sharing on Nokia devices

Media sharing is a really cool way of sharing stuff to devices on a wireless home network.the best part is that some Nokia Nseries devices that are DLNA enabled (nokia n95,n95 8gb, n85 etc ) are also able to do the same! If you don’t know whether your nseries device is DLNA enabled, just check for the Home media app on your phone. if its there its all cool for you! (you can also check the user manual )

(if you find any errors etc please let me know by email, mailto: )

PART 1. Sharing media stored on pc to Nokia device

This will help you make really good use of your DLNA enabled nokia devices. You can play music, view images and watch videos (stored on your pc,) on your nokia device via a wireless home network

All you need to do is the following steps:

  1. Set up the Home media app on your DLNA enabled nokia device. You can find the app in the connectivity folder on your phone.  Screenshot0003
  2. Once in the app “run the wizard” from options to set up everything selecting access point etc.Screenshot0004
  3. Once that is done. you should set the phone to be visible in the network from “Home media > share content > visibility in network > show phone” 


Now that the phone has been set up, we need to enable media sharing on your computer.

In Windows Media player (Windows media player 11)for windows media player 12 jump to part 2 below.  do the following:

  1. From the library tab select “Media sharing..”1 
  2. Then a new window opens up that looks like the one below. select the check boxes for “share my media to” you should be able to see your Nokia device by its name or as “unknown device” 2

Once that is done all you have to do now is Browse for media on your Nokia Phone in Home Media by selecting “Browse Home”  from “home media > browse home”

Screenshot0005You should be able to see your pc name on which you enabled the media sharing.

Screenshot0006 Select it and then you can browse for the music, images and videos on stored on the pc right on your Nokia device!


There now you can play all the new songs, view images and videos on your nokia device! to play just hit options and “play >on device”


PART 2. : Sharing Media from Nokia Device to PC/ WLAN enabled devices etc. or other devices on Home Network

As far as I know It is NOT possible to share media from your Nokia device to a Windows computer running Windows media player 11 (if you know how please post in comments!). you will need the Simple Center Software ( Simple Center is also on the CD included on the sales package of your Nokia device)

Incase you are having the Windows 7 RC version (or other versions) installed you can still have much more fun with your Nokia device and media sharing. With Windows Media Player 12, sharing is even more better, So good that you can even use your Nokia device as a remote control to play music :D

Setting up media sharing on windows media player 12

  1. From windows media player (windows media player 12) click on the stream tab and then select “allow remote control of my player…” and also “more media sharing options”

1 (2)

As you can see after clicking the “more streaming options” a new window opens up which looks like this

2 (2)

Allow the Nokia Device (or Unknown if the name is not displayed) to receive content.

Now on your Nokia device set up home media from the steps given in part 1. then select the content you would like to share from “home media > share content” and select the content you want to share. Screenshot0010

Now you can browse home for songs on the pc or just go to the music player on your phone and in the tracks list select “options > play > on device (to play on your phone) OR via home network ( to play it on the pc) cool right? :P

Screenshot0002  Screenshot0001

As you can see in the above screenshots I am now playing (streaming the music to my pc) on my pc via my phone. and it works super fine! My nokia n95 8gb is now like a remote control.

In gallery if you wish to share an image perhaps browse to an image select options > show via home networkScreenshot0008

Similarly you can just browse the content of your pc via home media and select “via home network” to view it on the pc or other device available on the home network.


If any error occurs like the device is not visible etc. please check your windows firewall and anti-virus firewall so that its not blocking any known IP’s of your home network, or any media related processes.

(if you come across any errors, problems etc or even have better methods to do it  please let me know by email, mailto: and I will post it here!! thanks )

Friday, July 24, 2009

YouTube App UPDATE

YouTube App for Nokia S60 devices gets yet another update.


YouTube updated to version 2.2.9 now supports Nokia 5800 as well. You can download the app by directing your Phone browser to and select youtube.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Win a FREE Gravity License

For all who don’t know what gravity is, Its an AMAZING twitter client for your S60 device, below are the features:


  • Compatible with Twitter and Laconica
  • All functions available on your S60 phone: tweet, reply, DM, follow & unfollow, create favourites, search, auto-update and many more …
  • Tabbed view of your Timeline, Replies, Messages, Friends, …
  • Configurable Audio Alerts for Timeline/Replies/DM’s & Searches
  • Setup and use as many accounts as you want at the same time
  • Group support for creating custom tabs with user-defined filters
  • Twitter-Search section with multiple search tabs and Twitter Trends
  • Post pictures to MobyPicture, TwitPic, TwitGoo & Posterous
  • Preview pictures from MobyPicture, TwitPic or TwitGoo
  • Open URLs from any Tweet
  • Kinetic scrolling on S60v5 ( Nokia 5800 and Nokia N97 )
  • Theme support on S60v3 ( fixed dark and bright theme )
  • Full-Screen mode on S60v3
  • Built-in auto-update function and beta access for testing the latest features

    My world Nokia have 4 free licenses to give away and you could be one of them, to know about this contest CLICK HERE .  The contest winners will be announced on the first of August. So head over there and try your luck!

    Monday, July 6, 2009

    Nokia Music Store – India launched


    Nokia has finally launched its Music store a.k.a. Nokia Music Store. All the Hindi and other Bollywood music is available along with the International music too.

    You can visit the store from . The music store can also be accessed from your mobile device as well. Just go to the Music Store option which you will find in the music folder or in the music player of your device.
    Screenshot0082 Screenshot0083

    Monday, June 22, 2009

    Review: Audials Mobile – Free Music!

    All music lovers out there would really love to download Free Music directly to their S60 Devices so that they can enjoy music wherever they go and get whatever they want on the go!

    Yes all this seemed to be impossible but now with Audials Mobile this is possible in the simplest way ever!  Yes ‘Audials Mobile’ is an awesome application that allow you to do just that!

    Audials Mobile allows you to download MP3 quality music right to your mobile phone from the Internet via various Social Radio stations without the talks of those RJ’s!!! so its pure music and that to with a good quality straight to your mobile device!

    • Download Audials Mobile app.
      Just go to the Audials Mobile Site from your PC or mobile phone and download it. the link
      OR just use the ‘Barcode reader’ on your S60 device to get the download link directly to your mobile phone from the Audials Mobile site

    Screenshot0078Once you have installed the app and bought the full version from the Audials Mobile site register it to get going and to start enjoying all the features!

    • Search for music:

    Screenshot0068You can create a search for your music by searching via artist (Select Search) or via Genre (Select genre)

    Screenshot0067I created a search for the aritst “Kanye West” and as you can see the results show up. Select the artist from the list and then you get the list of all the songs of the selected artist:

    Screenshot0065To search via Genre select the genre option and you get a big list of all the available options:    


    then select the sub-genre (if any) I selected Hip-Hop and got this:

    Screenshot0071you then get all the artists under the selected genre:

    Screenshot0074Screenshot0075the search is real fast and ends up with a number of selections ina few seconds! then select the artist and the song you want to download!

    • Download Music

    Once you got the song you want to download simply click options and then select “Record” 

    the download starts and you can easily see the downloaded songs in the ‘My Songs’ category. Once the downloads are done you can listen to them and enjoy!

    I downloaded three songs before writing this post and the feeling was good! mainly because the search is very fast and powerful, getting results in a few seconds, and the downloads are fast as well! The quality of the sound being awesome!

    Screenshot0072  Screenshot0077

    I used WLAN to get all this done and of course Audials Mobile !! a Must have application for all you music lovers out there!!

    Sunday, June 21, 2009

    Nokia PC Suite v7.1 Update

    Nokia PC Suite has received another update. Nokia PC suite v. is the latest one,The update includes some stability fixes and the Nokia Music Manager will be replaced by the Nokia Music software . You will be notified of the update if you already have Nokia PC suite and with update checks running OR when on Nokia pc suite click web > check for updates and add-ons. You can also download Nokia PC suite from here .


    Thursday, June 18, 2009

    YouTube app Update

    youtube  The YouTube app for Nokia S60 v3 Devices has recieved an update to version 2.02.1. Download the Update to your Nokia device from the mobile browser by logging on to you will be able to see a download link at the bottom of the page. Please post comments if you notice any changes in the app.

    Wednesday, June 17, 2009

    Nokia Internet Radio Update

    The Nokia Internet Radio application has an update. For those who don't know what this application is about here is a post that will tell you about the earlier version : Click HERE
    I was listening to a Hindi music station while writing this post on this application via WLAN and believe me it was really good!
    DOWNLOAD this application from here, the .rar file contains both fp1 version and fp2 version

    Monday, June 15, 2009

    Nokia 5530 XpressMusic Revealed

    Nokia has revealed another touchscreen phone in the XpressMusic series, the Nokia 5530.

    Quick Specs:
    Dimensions: 104 x 49 x 13 mm
    Weight: 107 g
    Display: 2.9 inch widescreen with up to 16 million colors
    Camera: 3.2 megapixels with autofocus and LED
    Memory: 4GB MicroSD card in box

    Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

    Today I got a chance to play with my friend's Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. Well I must say its a good looking phone with a LARGE screen that catches your eye!

    I have played with a very few touchscreen phones and thus it wasn't so easy for me to navigate on the phone but I guess it was fine, after I learned the fact that I have to tap (touch) the phone a bit harder :P
    The home screen looks great, the phone is very quick with no lags and transitions are good. The camera seemed to be fine and took good photos (SORRY I Couldn't get the pics here) only was a little grainy in the dark. Music was good as usual no doubt about that. The phone feels really good in the hand thanks to the design of the phone. Over all I would say the Nokia 5800 XM is a good package and would have been better if it had a better camera. Its price is quite reasonable too.

    Saturday, June 13, 2009

    Happy Birthday Nokia Nseries Blog!

    Today Nokia Nseries Blog is One year old!! It has been really nice to provide information to you people all through this year. thanks to all the people who posted their valued comments and read through the posts on this blog. Hoping to be able to provide you all with more info and stuff from the mobile world and would also like you to follow this blog on twitter!!
    Follow Nokia Nseries Blog on twitter

    Happy Birthday Nokia Nseries Blog!

    Friday, June 12, 2009

    Dance Fabulous - N-Gage

    Dance Fabulous is latest game on N-Gage. Its all about making a character of yours to shake a leg on a tune of your choice Or one of the tunes that come with the game. Choose a character, customize his looks, style, attire etc.
    You can also pick your tunes to dance on from those that are stored on your phone! (I LIKED this part)
    Songs that come along with the game include the five songs of American Artist Cindy Gomez also with certain dance moves.
    You have to match the rhythm of the music and have enough variations in your dance moves to get a good score!
    Then you can upload your score and check where you stand in world/country/city rankings.

    Register for a free 30 day pass by registering at from your mobile phone. The code will be sent to you via SMS after the registeration.
    Add me as a friend on N-Gage!!
    My N-Gage player id: steph1985

    Sony Ericsson F305

    YES I know this is a Nokia Nseries Blog but I guess from now on we shall topics on other mobile phone maunfacturers as well.

    To kick off I have for you, the Sony Ericsson F305. Its a Phone made mostly with gaming kept in mind having motion sensor gaming, dedicated gaming keys and preloaded java games.
    the Phone is equipped with a 2 megapixel camera.

    Specifications: Size: 3.8 x 1.9 x 0.6 inches
    Weight: 97.5 g
    Memory: Memory Stick (M2) pro supports upto 4GB
    Colors: Polar White OR Mystic Black
    Camera: 2 Megapixel
    Motion sensors for gaming
    Dedicated Gaming Keys

    Here are some pics: