Monday, June 22, 2009

Review: Audials Mobile – Free Music!

All music lovers out there would really love to download Free Music directly to their S60 Devices so that they can enjoy music wherever they go and get whatever they want on the go!

Yes all this seemed to be impossible but now with Audials Mobile this is possible in the simplest way ever!  Yes ‘Audials Mobile’ is an awesome application that allow you to do just that!

Audials Mobile allows you to download MP3 quality music right to your mobile phone from the Internet via various Social Radio stations without the talks of those RJ’s!!! so its pure music and that to with a good quality straight to your mobile device!

  • Download Audials Mobile app.
    Just go to the Audials Mobile Site from your PC or mobile phone and download it. the link
    OR just use the ‘Barcode reader’ on your S60 device to get the download link directly to your mobile phone from the Audials Mobile site

Screenshot0078Once you have installed the app and bought the full version from the Audials Mobile site register it to get going and to start enjoying all the features!

  • Search for music:

Screenshot0068You can create a search for your music by searching via artist (Select Search) or via Genre (Select genre)

Screenshot0067I created a search for the aritst “Kanye West” and as you can see the results show up. Select the artist from the list and then you get the list of all the songs of the selected artist:

Screenshot0065To search via Genre select the genre option and you get a big list of all the available options:    


then select the sub-genre (if any) I selected Hip-Hop and got this:

Screenshot0071you then get all the artists under the selected genre:

Screenshot0074Screenshot0075the search is real fast and ends up with a number of selections ina few seconds! then select the artist and the song you want to download!

  • Download Music

Once you got the song you want to download simply click options and then select “Record” 

the download starts and you can easily see the downloaded songs in the ‘My Songs’ category. Once the downloads are done you can listen to them and enjoy!

I downloaded three songs before writing this post and the feeling was good! mainly because the search is very fast and powerful, getting results in a few seconds, and the downloads are fast as well! The quality of the sound being awesome!

Screenshot0072  Screenshot0077

I used WLAN to get all this done and of course Audials Mobile !! a Must have application for all you music lovers out there!!

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