Friday, June 12, 2009

Dance Fabulous - N-Gage

Dance Fabulous is latest game on N-Gage. Its all about making a character of yours to shake a leg on a tune of your choice Or one of the tunes that come with the game. Choose a character, customize his looks, style, attire etc.
You can also pick your tunes to dance on from those that are stored on your phone! (I LIKED this part)
Songs that come along with the game include the five songs of American Artist Cindy Gomez also with certain dance moves.
You have to match the rhythm of the music and have enough variations in your dance moves to get a good score!
Then you can upload your score and check where you stand in world/country/city rankings.

Register for a free 30 day pass by registering at from your mobile phone. The code will be sent to you via SMS after the registeration.
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