Thursday, September 25, 2008

Music: N91 vs N81 vs N95 8GB

Well today I decided to do a music test among Nokia's best Music Nseries Devices. I got my friend's N81 and N91, as they are one of the Best music Nseries Devices.

Nokia N91: As we all know this device was Nokia's first official Music Nseries device that came in two versions namely the N91 and N91 8GB. The N91 comes with a 4GB hard disk.
This was the first nseries device to come with a 3.5 mm. slot for headphones.
It has volume keys on the side and the music keys(play/pause, stop, backwards,forwards) on top of the 'actualy keypad.
I've used standard Nokia headsets that is the 'AD-54' that I got with my N95 8GB. The sound quality on the N91 is very impressive. It can give a good fight to many of the music players in the market. The sound was extremely clear and the volume was really good.Also speaker sound quality was good enough. Music on this phone is a really good experience plus we it has wi-fi. But there are many drawbacks of this device. First of all is the device design. The phone is really too BIG and heavy for pockets and to carry around. Secondly is the SLOW user interface. The device is way too slow to use and when it comes to the 'start-up' of the 'music player' it just takes a serious amount of time to load the music on the device.
But I must say that being a quite 'old' device, its music and sound qualities are just too good!

Nokia N81 : Most people say this device is a successor to the N91 in terms of music quality. Well yes this can be called the successor to the N91 and more exciting that this phones is an all together better and 'SMALLER' package compared to the N91. 
This device also has the same Music keys like on the N91. Its a much more smaller and lighter phone compared to N91. User -interface is obviously fast and smooth and just flows nicely!
But the main problem was that the music sound quality on the N91 was slightly better than the N81 ! shocking!  though the volume was almost the same on both the devices, somehow the sound quality was better on the N91. In an earlier post (you can read it here) I had tried out the music on the N81 and I found that it was quite good and even beat the N95 8GB for music qualities on headsets, but today I was shocked to find out that it wasn't as good as the N91. Speaker sounds are almost same as the N91. But I must say that the N81 is a very good package. A neat and small device with N-gage and wi-fi connectivity. Also the N81 comes in the 8GB version that is the N81 8GB, so you can have more space for music.

Nokia N95 8GB : The N95 8GB maybe an 'all in one' device but the sound quality and volume isn't that good when compared to the N91 and N81. This is surprising, I mean why doesn't Nokia make thier similar devices have same sound quality etc. ? the music keys are placed at the top and the slide needs to be slided downwards to see them (we all know this)
But its not that disappointing also, I mean its not hat bad its good enough! The speaker volume on the N95 8GB is the highest among all 3 phones. We all know when all the technical speciafications are compared the N95 8GB stands on top of all the 3. But it qould be really nice to have N91 sound capabilities on the N95 8GB.

So as we see even though being for quite a long time in the market the N91 has a better sound quality among nearly all nseries devices I guess (cause i haven't heard music on N82, if you have please let me know!) Please let me know about your Music experience!
It would be really nice to have better sound quality integrated onto latest Nseries devices like the N96, N85 and N79 etc. Music on Nseries has improved a lot, and I hope it improves even more further in the future. With Music store and Internet radio and other stuff Music on Nokia is a really good experience!

P.S. :The photo is taken by a Nokia 6300 (sorry for the bad quality I didn't have a better devices to take it at that moment)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Micro-blogging with Jaiku Mobile = FUN

As mentioned in my previous post about the Bharti Airtel Internet GPRS connection, I also could use my Jaiku Mobile application !
I must say it was really nice to stay connected all the time from the phone. It took very less time to get it all setted-up and the Jaiku was up and working! it downloads (fetches) all the comments and 'Jaikus' (posts) of your friends within no time and if you have set it to 'have a better battery life' on your phone then you need not take tension cause I used it for at least 3 hours or something and yet didn't loose much power of the battery. All your friends 'current status msgs.' and 'locations' are displayed on the contact list. Its very easy to post comments in conversation threads.
Jaiku Mobile can also be started up in the background when your phone boots (starts) and it continues to work in the background when minimized (as you can see in screenshot 2)
So if you wish to use Jaiku Mobile you can download the application from here
And if you wish to add me to your contact list, my screen name is : stephen1
have fun!

Nokia Internet Radio, Unlimited music!

Yesterday I got my Bharti Airtel Internet connection up and running to test it and compare it with my Vodafone connection, and found that its damn good for people always on the move and who frequently use Mobile Internet.
So I decided to use 'Internet Radio' application of Nokia on my N95 8GB. My experience was just one of a kind! I was thrilled with the breath of fresh air! Seriously there is a huge directory of Internet radio stations and it doesn't take much time to connect because of the EDGE connection. thanks to the unlimited Internet usage on the connection i used it continously for about 2 hours! the sound qualtiy was good enough and there wasn't any lag and stuff.
Well I must say if you have a Unlimited Data plan with your GPRS/EDGE provider or WLAN and you love music, then Nokia Internet radio is the application for you!
*UPDATE* Download the Internet Radio Update from here
Do tell me of your experience in using it!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Imaging: N95 vs N95 8GB

Got to play with my friend's N95 today! soI decided to check out its imaging quality myself and compare it with my N95 8GB. First of I seriously feel Nokia should try and get the camera lens shutter back on its Nseries devices. Well the N95 slider was something your fingers really had to 'work-on' to slide it! hmm.... good improvements to the N95 8GB !

 Then I took these two pics below. they are of a 'fan' in my classroom ! LOL ya I know its funny but i didnt find a better thing than this to take a pics of ! 

Nokia N95                                                                  

N95 8GB
 Well above we see two pics. first one that is the one above is taken by the N95 and the one below is taken by the N95 8GB.

I didnt spot any difference in the two pics but I must tell you that the image sizes were way different. The N95 image was about 500kB and the N95 8GB image was 1MB.

Well I got these stats from about both the images nd the camera's.

Stats say that Shutter speed for N95 is 3921/1000
and for N95 8GB is 5107/1000. Interesting! ;)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Nokia N95 8GB Update : V30.0.018

I have successfully updated the Firmware on my Nokia N95 8GB to version 30.0.018 yesterday.

The update file is a total of a 105.3 MB. It was fun! really :P
My earlier Firmware version was 15.0.015.

It took about 11 minutes to Update the Firmware.

The New additions were mainly:
  • N-Gage was updated to its latest version in the update
  • Maps 2.0 included
  • Screen -Auto rotate
  • Share online updated with a link installed on the main home screen.
  • Google search added to the 'Search' application

After the update i have successfully re-nstalled the applications and other stuff on my N95 8GB like N-Gage games etc.
My Device Is looking NEW and SEXY now !!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

N81 sound quality damn good !

I got a chance to play with my friend's N81 in college. i checked out the device and its display remined me of my N76's smaller display compared to my N95 8GB. the N-Gage experience was good, a decent camera and picture quality.

BUT what surprised me was the sound quality and volume on the Nokia AD-54 headset (the ones got with my N95 8GB). It was BETTER than the N95. Well the speaker quality and volume on the N95 was way better compared to the headsets quality. it was really surprising because I used the same headsets on both the devices. Anyways it doesnt matter much because the N95 8Gb is far more better than the N81 !