Monday, September 15, 2008

Nokia N95 8GB Update : V30.0.018

I have successfully updated the Firmware on my Nokia N95 8GB to version 30.0.018 yesterday.

The update file is a total of a 105.3 MB. It was fun! really :P
My earlier Firmware version was 15.0.015.

It took about 11 minutes to Update the Firmware.

The New additions were mainly:
  • N-Gage was updated to its latest version in the update
  • Maps 2.0 included
  • Screen -Auto rotate
  • Share online updated with a link installed on the main home screen.
  • Google search added to the 'Search' application

After the update i have successfully re-nstalled the applications and other stuff on my N95 8GB like N-Gage games etc.
My Device Is looking NEW and SEXY now !!!!

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