Monday, September 22, 2008

Micro-blogging with Jaiku Mobile = FUN

As mentioned in my previous post about the Bharti Airtel Internet GPRS connection, I also could use my Jaiku Mobile application !
I must say it was really nice to stay connected all the time from the phone. It took very less time to get it all setted-up and the Jaiku was up and working! it downloads (fetches) all the comments and 'Jaikus' (posts) of your friends within no time and if you have set it to 'have a better battery life' on your phone then you need not take tension cause I used it for at least 3 hours or something and yet didn't loose much power of the battery. All your friends 'current status msgs.' and 'locations' are displayed on the contact list. Its very easy to post comments in conversation threads.
Jaiku Mobile can also be started up in the background when your phone boots (starts) and it continues to work in the background when minimized (as you can see in screenshot 2)
So if you wish to use Jaiku Mobile you can download the application from here
And if you wish to add me to your contact list, my screen name is : stephen1
have fun!

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