Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Imaging: N95 vs N95 8GB

Got to play with my friend's N95 today! soI decided to check out its imaging quality myself and compare it with my N95 8GB. First of I seriously feel Nokia should try and get the camera lens shutter back on its Nseries devices. Well the N95 slider was something your fingers really had to 'work-on' to slide it! hmm.... good improvements to the N95 8GB !

 Then I took these two pics below. they are of a 'fan' in my classroom ! LOL ya I know its funny but i didnt find a better thing than this to take a pics of ! 

Nokia N95                                                                  

N95 8GB
 Well above we see two pics. first one that is the one above is taken by the N95 and the one below is taken by the N95 8GB.

I didnt spot any difference in the two pics but I must tell you that the image sizes were way different. The N95 image was about 500kB and the N95 8GB image was 1MB.

Well I got these stats from about both the images nd the camera's.

Stats say that Shutter speed for N95 is 3921/1000
and for N95 8GB is 5107/1000. Interesting! ;)


Cuberob said...

check out those wings on that airco thing. seems the n95-8gb uses a shorter shutter time, other than that, not so many differences indeed.

Karl said...

do I see less flare on the nokia n95 8GB?

Stephen said...

Well I would like to thank Nseries WOM World for linking about this post on

Thanks :)