Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sony Ericsson W902, a competitor to the Nokia N95 8GB ?

Well last night I was browsing the internet for new phone releases and related stuf, and I found this amazing device! yes the Sony Ericsson W902 is a very good competitor to the Nokia N95 8GB for its technical specifications. This walkman phone comes with a 8GB memory card and also has a 5 megapixel camera.

Well you can check the product video HERE

the phone technical specifications are as follows:

Screen- 240x320 pixel- 262.144 color TFT
Memory- Phone memory 25MB*- Memory Stick Micro™ (M2™) support
* Actual free memory may vary due to phone pre-configuration.
Networks- GSM 850- GSM 900- GSM 1800- GSM 1900- EDGE- UMTS 2100- HSDPA
Available colours- Volcanic Black - Wine Red - Earth Green
Possible limited market availability.
Sizes- 49.0 x 110.0 x 11.7 mm- 1.9 x 4.3 x 0.5 inches
Weight- 99.8 gr- 3.5 oz
Please note that local variations may apply.

well this is possibly the first time that sony ericsson has 'integrated' the 'walkman' and 'cybershot' qualities into one device! the phone is said to be released later this year. Sony have come up with the slogan 'I REBORN MUSIC'.. well that is certainly true. Previews say that the phone has the 'BEST' sound quality on earphones BUT the major set-back is that you have to use the tradtionaly pop-port connector for your headset instead of a 3.5mm pin headset.

Also the phone comes with a 8GB memory card so you can store more music and media on it.

Well I consider it a worthy competitor to the Nokia N95 8GB on the grounds of technical specifications. but the real phone has yet to be reviewed so we cannot say as of now as to which phone is better. Yes the N95 8GB comes with GPS and other cool features, but the W902 is a really good device for Sony Ericsson lovers out there ! ;)

So you decide!

Friday, July 25, 2008

FM Radio, the forgotten one...

Well if I ask people whether they use the FM radio (Visual Radio) on their Nokia Devices that have a Music Player, the people who say a 'YES' will be negligible compared to the people using the Music Player. Well I strongly agree that with the Music player we have the total choice of songs in our hands and also can play whatever,whenever you want it. But this "FM radio" thing struck my head last night when I was doing some work with the Music player working on my Nokia N95 8GB (on heatsets of course, that too at a 'moderate' volume! ;) ) , I kinda got 'bored' ya really 'bored' of the Music Player, so I decided to use the 'Radio' !
And I 'enjoyed' the experience! Seriously ! the random tracks playing in my ears were a real breath of fresh air! The FM Radio Stations in India atleast have good tracks playing!

The following screenshots are taken from my Nokia N95 8GB. I tried the 'Visual radio' thing but it had some problems but I do remember my previous experience of visual radio on Nokia N76 sometime ago. Its nice (at least I liked it).
Lately we have all seen the Nokia N78 come built with the 'FM Transmitter' so Nokia has been paying attention to Radio, etc. but have you used your FM Radio lately ? or just go on with the Music Player ? :)
Would love to have your views and comments !

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

"Large Time Screensaver" for S60 3rd Edition Devices

As everyone knows that the default "time screensaver" on your S60 3rd edition devices is very tough to read, and the font of the digits of the clock is too small.

So if you want (I know u want it :P ) a Bigger and better Time Screensaver for your device then the "Large Time Screensaver" is the appliction for you!

Yes its freeware and you can easily install it on your phone :)
Once you've installed the application you have to go to the 'Personalisation' menu which is in 'Settings' and choose the 'Themes' sub-menu and you can select "LargeTime Screensaver" as your screensaver!
It's a really nice application, and I should say its a real 'Must-have' application for your phone!
You can Download it from here

Friday, July 11, 2008

Apple iPhone 3G vs Nokia N95 8GB

Well today is Friday ! the 11th of July ! the day Apple's iPhone 3G version is out in stores ! there has been huge rush everywhere around this world for the New Apple iPhone 3G. People all over the world have been anxiuosly waiting for this day to get their very own iPhone which is a touchscreen wonder (as everyone knows of course ;) )

Well I must frankly say I am a huge fan of Nokia and the Nseries line-up. Its a spectacular collection ! but I must also say that there is a whole lot of iPhone supporters out there !

So I decided to create a poll sort of a post! yes ! its your turn to tell whether you like the Apple iPhone 3G OR the Nokia N95 8GB ! its Nokia vs Apple ! ,N95 8GB vs iPhone 3G !. So you have to vote for your option in comments ! I personally own a Nokia N95 8Gb and like it a LOT!
Do let me know how you feel !
Nokia N95 8GB vs Apple iPhone 3G
(answers/votes in comments please ! :) )

P.S. Incase you are a Nokia s60 3rd edition device (phone) user and wanted a iPhone theme on your phone ! then you can get one from here. Download it for free from my mosh !
the theme screenshot is at the left !

Monday, July 7, 2008

Nokia Nseries 'maphotonline'

Well this is Nokia Nseries's new slogan that is "maphotonline" meaning maps + photos + sharing online has become an interactive service now thanks to the "Nokia Sportstracker" application !

Yes, with the GPS on your Nseries Device you can now record your journey's with the media associtaed (i.e. taken nearby) with the Nokia Sportstracker application which you can Download from here

Also the main highlight of this is the 'Nseries Widget' its a widget that you can embed on your blog, facebook etc.
It shows your recent journey's on a map with the media (if any) on the map ! You can get your own widget from here . Well or you can check out my widget at the sidebar of my blog !

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

"Stealth" theme By PiZero

Well this is what i found on its called the "Stealth" theme, its totally black and it looks Great on the Nokia N95 8GB ! there are NO icons in this theme and thats why its special and unique!

Only the battery and signal indicators are seen on the Main home screen.

It comes in two versions 1: without the icons ( Full Stealth)
2: with nokia icons (Stealth)

You can download this theme from here

Well I must thank PiZero and P@sco for this wonderful work they do that we have on our Nokia Devices !

Music Oriented Themes For Nokia S60 3rd Edition

Well I Found these lovely Music Oriented Themes for your Nokia S60 3rd Ediotion Phones. I found them while browsing through Symbian-Guru. There are 4 (Four) more themes over here.There are a total of 8 (eight) themes on the site which you can download for free.The Ones i loved are shown below in the Screenshots taken from my Nokia N76.

My personal favorite is the "fantasy" theme second from left. You can Download these themes For Free from here.