Wednesday, July 23, 2008

"Large Time Screensaver" for S60 3rd Edition Devices

As everyone knows that the default "time screensaver" on your S60 3rd edition devices is very tough to read, and the font of the digits of the clock is too small.

So if you want (I know u want it :P ) a Bigger and better Time Screensaver for your device then the "Large Time Screensaver" is the appliction for you!

Yes its freeware and you can easily install it on your phone :)
Once you've installed the application you have to go to the 'Personalisation' menu which is in 'Settings' and choose the 'Themes' sub-menu and you can select "LargeTime Screensaver" as your screensaver!
It's a really nice application, and I should say its a real 'Must-have' application for your phone!
You can Download it from here

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