Friday, July 25, 2008

FM Radio, the forgotten one...

Well if I ask people whether they use the FM radio (Visual Radio) on their Nokia Devices that have a Music Player, the people who say a 'YES' will be negligible compared to the people using the Music Player. Well I strongly agree that with the Music player we have the total choice of songs in our hands and also can play whatever,whenever you want it. But this "FM radio" thing struck my head last night when I was doing some work with the Music player working on my Nokia N95 8GB (on heatsets of course, that too at a 'moderate' volume! ;) ) , I kinda got 'bored' ya really 'bored' of the Music Player, so I decided to use the 'Radio' !
And I 'enjoyed' the experience! Seriously ! the random tracks playing in my ears were a real breath of fresh air! The FM Radio Stations in India atleast have good tracks playing!

The following screenshots are taken from my Nokia N95 8GB. I tried the 'Visual radio' thing but it had some problems but I do remember my previous experience of visual radio on Nokia N76 sometime ago. Its nice (at least I liked it).
Lately we have all seen the Nokia N78 come built with the 'FM Transmitter' so Nokia has been paying attention to Radio, etc. but have you used your FM Radio lately ? or just go on with the Music Player ? :)
Would love to have your views and comments !

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