Friday, July 11, 2008

Apple iPhone 3G vs Nokia N95 8GB

Well today is Friday ! the 11th of July ! the day Apple's iPhone 3G version is out in stores ! there has been huge rush everywhere around this world for the New Apple iPhone 3G. People all over the world have been anxiuosly waiting for this day to get their very own iPhone which is a touchscreen wonder (as everyone knows of course ;) )

Well I must frankly say I am a huge fan of Nokia and the Nseries line-up. Its a spectacular collection ! but I must also say that there is a whole lot of iPhone supporters out there !

So I decided to create a poll sort of a post! yes ! its your turn to tell whether you like the Apple iPhone 3G OR the Nokia N95 8GB ! its Nokia vs Apple ! ,N95 8GB vs iPhone 3G !. So you have to vote for your option in comments ! I personally own a Nokia N95 8Gb and like it a LOT!
Do let me know how you feel !
Nokia N95 8GB vs Apple iPhone 3G
(answers/votes in comments please ! :) )

P.S. Incase you are a Nokia s60 3rd edition device (phone) user and wanted a iPhone theme on your phone ! then you can get one from here. Download it for free from my mosh !
the theme screenshot is at the left !


Anonymous said...

nokia has clearly won over the iphone and there is no denying it and iphone owners will have to accept the fact that it still isn't as good as the nokia even though its six months old and still has more features and is overall a better phone and seeing as the iphone only has a 2megapixel camera and doesnt even have mms (which even £20 phones have these days) it still has a long way to go

asima khan said...

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