Friday, April 10, 2009

N95 8GB, Nokia's Best ?

Today I was chatting with my friend Arjun, he was telling me about the phones he has used till now, Whoa! he has a BIG phone history! some of them were Nokia's N95, N95 8GB, N85, Nokia 5800 XpressMusic E71 etc.

Surprisingly he told me that his best was the Nokia N95 8GB. Even after having used phones like the N85, E71 and 5800 XM he still finds the N95 8GB a good package all together.

With a Good camera, Good sound, Wi-fi , GPS and VoIP, he feels the Nokia N95 8GB is the best. Well if you don't remember then let me remind you that when the Nokia N95 was released there was this advertisement that said "There is something in your pocket, but it's not one thing.... It's MANY" Well the N95 itself had a lot to offer proving the advertisement correct and then came the Big Brother Nokia N95 8GB version! with the better screen More memory (seriously MORE memroy) Black color, it cetainly stood out of the other phones available at that time. I'm pretty sure many people out there use this phone and I'm one of them. And yes now even I think that the N95 8GB is a complete package. So is the N95 8GB Nokia's best ? what do you think ?

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